Enhancing Service and Support with TFG: Introducing Restaurant Support Specialists

In the dynamic landscape of the foodservice industry, ensuring seamless operations is paramount. That’s where TFG’s Restaurant Support Specialists (RSS) step in, providing proactive assistance and comprehensive support to our valued customers. Our RSS team goes beyond mere service calls; we are dedicated to fostering lasting partnerships by offering tailored solutions and unparalleled care. Proactive […]

The Perks of Henny Penny Pressure Frying

When it comes to frying, there is no lack of options. From traditional pan-frying to industrial open fryers and everything in between, there’s a method to suit every culinary need. Yet, one technique that might fly under the radar for some is the art of pressure frying. Pressure frying was first introduced to culinary practices […]

Three Reasons You Need a Henny Penny Combi Oven

Boost efficiency, save time, and cut costs with Henny Penny. In the fast-paced world of commercial kitchens, efficiency is everything. Imagine streamlining your bustling kitchen with a modern powerhouse like the Henny Penny Combi Oven. It’s more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a catalyst for enhanced productivity and superior culinary output. But, why […]

Foodservice in 2024: Mastering Market Trends with TFG Equipment

Food Spread Photo as header image for food trends blog post.

Whether you operate a fine-dining establishment, a lively bar and grill, or a convenient grab-and-go C-store, staying in touch with industry trends is essential. While your current menu may be successful, being informed about what’s new can breathe fresh life into your offerings. Here are just a few reasons to embrace 2023 culinary trends and […]