Next up for their turn in the spotlight is Henny Penny certified Master Tech, Clark Mitchell. Clark has been helping operators better serve their customers for over five years with his expertise and attentiveness. Let’s take a deeper dive into his TFG experience.

What type of training did you receive?

I attended several in-person classes at the Henny Penny factory in Ohio. I went at least once a year over the last five-and-a-half years including many days of online video training to acquire this certification and I’ve been solving problems ever since. Everyone at TFG is super supportive, with tons of resources to help me in any way they can.

Tell us a bit about your day to day.  

It can start as early as 4am and can go as late as 8pm. I’m helping a multitude of restaurants and gas stations within a five-state radius of my home territory in Nashville. No two days are ever the same—one day I could be fixing a coffee machine, the next I’m repairing an ice dispenser. I love solving the daily puzzles this job throws my way.

What do you believe sets TFG service techs apart from your competitors? 

Our attention to detail and our willingness to see every call all the way through—we won’t leave until the job is done. We leave no stone unturned, checking things that others wouldn’t normally check for. Another thing that I believe sets us apart is we all know each other’s strengths, so I know exactly who to reach out to if I need help and vice versa. For instance, my original expertise was in coffee equipment, so my coworkers will reach out to me for help if need be. We’re also very comfortable working on all TFG brands, including Henny Penny.

Do you have an example of a time where you had to reach out to the TFG network for help on a ticket?

Oh yes. Just yesterday I was working on an ice cream unit where the mix pump was seemingly running backwards. Now, I’ve never encountered anything like this but that didn’t mean that someone within our network hasn’t seen it a few times. I reached out and of course there was a tech that’s seen this kind of thing before. We were able to resolve the issue in no time!

 Any advice you can give to operators to maintain their equipment?

Clean! Clean! Clean! I cannot stress this enough. And remember to always change your filters. That’s not a step you want to skip.

Any advice to aspiring TFG techs?

You may think the training is long but I’m telling you it’s well worth it. Having a natural curiosity about how things work and love for problem solving doesn’t hurt either.

Clark is one of many great TFG employees whose professionalism and expert-level product knowledge sets TFG apart from any other foodservice equipment distributor. Contact us today to learn more about how you can receive service that excels.


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Metairie, LA – TFGroup, LLC, a Louisiana-based foodservice equipment sales, service and parts distributor, has announced the expansion of their Henny Penny line into Alabama.

TFG currently has over 80 team members across offices in Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas representing Henny Penny, this is poised to be a seamless transition for the company.

A leader in the foodservice equipment segment, TFGroup utilizes analytical advances to ensure speed of service, reduction of equipment downtime and labor savings. It offers their customers peace of mind when it matters most.


Decorative trays of cookies on table

Fresh out of the combi oven—easily make cookies a mainstay on your menu

From gingerbread to snickerdoodle, cookies are proven to have year-long appeal.

You can count on the holiday season to bring festive joy to all sorts of treats, especially cookies. From gingerbread families in their gingerbread houses to sugar cookies shaped like your favorite reindeer, the creativity is only matched by its demand. But don’t be fooled, the holidays are no outlier—cookies are always in season.

Let’s start with the standard bearer of the cookie world—the chocolate chip cookie. In the U.S. alone, an estimated 7 billion chocolate chip cookies are eaten each year with half of those cookies being either store-bought or purchased from a restaurant.

Dedicated cookie establishments like Crumbl and Insomnia Cookies have performed greatly in recent years with their home-baked creations. From an after-lunch treat to satisfying late-night cravings, consumers prove that anytime is a great time for cookies.

If it’s not clear enough already, cookies are a staple of American dessert and aren’t going away anytime soon. So, the question is, how can you harness the power of the cookie without disrupting your operation? Combi ovens from Henny Penny are a great place to start.

Variety of filled cookies on metal tray

Think of a combi oven as the Swiss army knife of your kitchen—handling multiple types of cooking while saving precious space in your operation. The easy-to-use Chef’s Touch control system makes switching from grilling to steaming to baking with preprogrammed settings seamless. So, you can serve your Wednesday special and have fresh-baked cookies ready to serve before they even order dessert.

The cookie business isn’t slowing down. If anything, it’s the busiest it’s ever been. So, why not break off a piece for yourself? Ask us about how we can bring speed, flexibility and new profits into your operation with Henny Penny Combi Ovens.


Create a modern dynamic duo for a successful 2023

Match the heart and intuition of your staff with the innovative tools they need.

It’s that time of year again. That time when we look back to look forward. What worked in your kitchen? What didn’t work for your staff? These are the questions you must ask yourself to understand where potential growth may lie in the future. Gimmicky trends can only take you so far, it really comes down to two basic yet indisputable areas that will determine a successful 2023: labor and technology.

Luckily for you, labor and technology go hand-in-hand—it’s a symbiotic relationship where one can’t work without the other. You need the right people to work the equipment, but you also need the right equipment to serve your customers effectively and efficiently.

In this currently tight labor market, a modern piece of equipment is an exceptional way to pick up the slack. Innovative fryers and ovens from Henny Penny or fast-cooking grills from Taylor Company can help you save time and money while lessening the load on your staff.

For instance, Henny Penny combi ovens utilize the Chef’s Touch control system that makes baking, steaming and grilling easier than ever. And Taylor two-sided grills employ pre-programmable settings for simplified operation, so your team can work faster with less training.

As you look forward into the new year, we believe it’s best to focus on the now and the people who got you to where you are today. Pairing your dedicated staff with the tools to make their jobs easier spells great things to come for 2023.


Taylor’s frozen drink machines put a frosty twist on holiday favorites.

This holiday season is the perfect time to expand your menu and offer one-of-a-kind treats with Taylor frozen beverage equipment.

Cold weather, festive cheer, and lights wrapped around every lamppost and tree in sight means the holiday season is here! Even as the temperature continues to drop, customer demand for a satisfying frozen beverage is still high. Taylor Company’s portfolio of frozen beverage equipment has helped operators all across the country create enticing LTO’s while putting a festive spin on menu mainstays.

If you have limited room in the kitchen but are looking to expand your frozen beverage offerings, Taylor has you covered. Whether you want to add a classic milkshake, smoothie, frozen cocktail or frozen carbonated beverage, Taylor has a unit to meet your desire. Even caffeinated frozen beverages like coffee, cappuccino and tea are within Taylor’s wheelhouse. Their versatile models allow you to create customized drink options while serving consistent quality products. Thanks to the specially designed viscosity control, Taylor machines automatically maintain superior product quality while an adjustable control allows you to serve at a desired thickness.

With the holiday season in full swing, this is the perfect chance to put that new Taylor model to work on some festive frozen cocktails! Imagine wowing customers with a frozen vanilla espresso martini or giving their tastebuds a kick with a frozen spiced cranberry punch. There’s also no better time to start thinking about spring and summertime creations as well! Seasonal LTO’s are always hot sellers, so help your customers beat the heat with piña coladas or a frozen boozy Arnold Palmer. The possibilities are endless with Taylor frozen beverage machines.

Don’t Let Rising Oil Costs
Lower Your Bottom Line

With prices rising in every sector of foodservice, see how TFG can help you mitigate those costs.

The stinging effects of inflation are hurting every sector of the business world, including foodservice. With total food prices spiking by 11.4% over the last year, operators are scrambling to find ways to cut back. But even with inflation being at a 40-year high, there are still methods to create savings in the kitchen.

One of the major culinary casualties of this economic disruption is cooking oil. Even before the start of this surge, TFG and Henny Penny have been helping kitchens save on oil with low-volume fryers and an easy-to-use fryer oil and energy calculator.

Low-volume fryers are designed to have a 40 percent lower oil capacity than normal fryers, yet still manage to cook the same amount of food. This adds up to an annual savings of $3,000-$5,000 on oil costs. A low-volume fryer is also extremely efficient, resulting in oil life of up to 21 days — three times longer than the industry average.


Purchasing a brand-new piece of equipment might be the last thing an operator would want to do during an economic downswing but think of it this way: A Henny Penny low-volume fryer will pay for itself in less than three years, then continue to deliver savings for the rest of its lifecycle. By investing in oil-saving technology like Henny Penny low-volume fryers, operators can realize greater profits for years to come.


To see how your current fryers compare, try our fryer oil and energy calculator.



Billy’s Boudin & Cracklin

TFG supports foodservice businesses of every kind. We’d like to put a spotlight on a dedicated customer that has trusted TFG to help them provide an authentic Cajun experience: Billy’s Boudin. We sat down with owner-operator, Patsy Frey, to talk about Billy’s Boudin, her TFG equipment of choice and how we support the business.

What should a first-time customer try at Billy’s Boudin?

Our pepper jack boudin balls and roll up are by far most popular! Try those for sure but our fried seafood, cracklins and boudin eggrolls are also big sellers.

How much demand for your products do you see in a day?

A lot [laughter]. But let’s see, there’s about 90 boudin balls in a lug and we fry anywhere from 10 to 12 lugs in a day. We’re frying well over 1,000 boudin balls a day and that’s not including our fried seafood and cracklins. We have big appetites down here in Louisiana!

When did you start using Henny Penny to help your business?

My husband heard Henny Penny fryers could really help us. So, we tried them, really liked them and kept them! We had our first Henny Penny fryer installed 15 years ago and never looked back.

How do you teach customers to use their equipment?

We always give them a training session. I’ll usually get a group together and teach them in a mini class of sorts on the new equipment. I try to keep classes under an hour, breaking down everything as simply as I can for everyone to understand. After class, I’ll direct them to a QR code that leads them to additional training materials and troubleshooting assistance.

How do Henny Penny fryers help where your previous fryers came up short?

Ease of use! Our old fryers were a lot of work. It was always hell trying to filter the oil, which would splash and hurt our employees. It was very dangerous, and we needed to make a change. Filtering oil on Henny Penny fryers is much simpler and safer. They heat up faster to get us cooking sooner and with preset cook settings, we can always fry the perfect cracklin. But the best part about these fryers is that we’re saving more on oil than we ever had, especially considering how much we use.

How does TFG help you with maintenance?

On the rare occasion one of our fryers or merchandisers runs into a snag, a TFG tech will arrive within an appropriate window of time to get us up and running again. TFG is always so hands on when it comes to helping us which is something we appreciate greatly. We’re even working on finalizing a preventative maintenance program with TFG. We want to start doing that quarterly. Billy’s Boudin and its locations depend on the consistent quality of TFG equipment to provide the home cooked quality Cajun cuisine their customers have come to expect. Contact us today to learn how TFG can help you reach your goals and grow your business.

Neil Brown, HP Certified Master Tech 

Here at TFG, our family is made up of individuals that provide so much not only to us, but to our customers as well. We want to put a spotlight on those who embody what it means to be a part of TFG and what sets us apart. Certified Master Tech, Neil Brown, is always going above and beyond on every service call. Let’s take a deeper dive into his TFG experience and how he gives customers the tools to be a pro like he is.

What type of training did you receive?

When I knew I wanted to be a service tech, I took it upon myself to take online classes to give myself a head start. After being hired by TFG, I received a ton of hands-on training to become the product expert I am today. I also visit the Taylor and Henny Penny factories once a year for continued education to stay up to date. If I ever have a question, I can always turn to my team to trouble shoot the issue and get everything figured out.

Tell us a bit about your day to day.

My day usually starts around 6am, sometimes earlier depending on the job. My main goal with any service call is to get whoever I’m working with back up and running so they’re not losing money. Some of my service calls are quick fixes, only taking an hour or two, but that time can double depending on the call. If something comes up on my end like a specific replacement part being hard to come by, I’ll do whatever I can to help remedy the issue.

What do you believe sets TFG service techs apart from your competitors?

Everyone is knowledgeable. They put in the time to try and understand everything, whether that’s at the factory, the shop or at home. Heck, I’m still taking classes outside of work to keep my product knowledge updated. Our entire team takes the time to constantly learn more. We also have meetings every two weeks to discuss equipment that continues to have issues and how to solve them. Everything is a team effort.

How do you teach customers to use their equipment?

We always give them a training session. I’ll usually get a group together and teach them in a mini class of sorts on the new equipment. I try to keep classes under an hour, breaking down everything as simply as I can for everyone to understand. After class, I’ll direct them to a QR code that leads them to additional training materials and troubleshooting assistance.

Any advice you can give to operators to maintain their equipment?

Keep the equipment clean! Consistently change the filter pads, especially before a lunch rush. Don’t bang baskets on it all day! Respect the equipment and it will respect you back.

Neil is one of many great TFG employees whose professionalism and expert level product knowledge sets TFG apart from any other foodservice equipment distributor. Contact us today to learn more about how you can receive service that excels. When you do, ask for Neil!

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