Non-Caustic Hi-Temp Grill Surface Cleaner


  • Flat grills & griddles
  • Hot-dog roller grills
  • Bun toasters
  • Ovens
  • Rotisseries
  • Waffle Irons/Waffle Cone bakers
  • Two sided grills


Stera-Sheen Red Label is a non-caustic powerful chemical compound designed for ease of use while thoroughly cleaning your equipment.


  • Formulated to clean hot surfaces; no need for time consuming procedures which call for complete shut-down of grill equipment to cool before cleaning.
  • Safely Cleans hot grill surfaces quickly and thoroughly.
  • No-scratch formula safe for steel or aluminum surfaces.
  • Non-fuming; Non-scented.
  • Formula ingredients comply with G.R.A.S. standards; Formula considered safe for incidental food contact.
  • Applied with sprayer; thick formula clings to grill surfaces for improved cleaning results.
  • Non-DOT hazardous saves end user on shipping cost

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