Blend Faster with Our Most Efficient Design Ever.

Engineered to drastically increase service speed, the MagnaBlend Frozen Blended Beverage Station boasts a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it — 9-second blend time. And that’s not all. The integrated shaved ice dispenser and rinse station mean there’s no need to move back and forth between separate prep areas. Simply blend, rinse and repeat.

  • High volume for peak demands
  • Increased drink capacity
  • Load ice less frequently
  • High profit margins

Blend Smarter with Unprecedented Connectivity.

The MagnaBlend station is loaded with new technology to make your life easier. Among these advancements is a USB port. This forward-thinking feature lets you connect a laptop to upload your latest signature recipes. Or better yet, share them with your franchise network using a thumb drive.

  • Endless variety of drinks without adjustments
  • Portion control reduces product waste
  • Pre-programmable menu
  • USB/thumb drive access

Blend Better with Breakthrough Magnetic Technology.

Perhaps the biggest innovation is the source of the smooth, ice-crushing power. Instead of relying on direct-contact gear mechanisms that can wear down, the MagnaBlend station eliminates friction by utilizing magnetic force. A sealed design locks out damaging moisture.

  • No mechanical gears to wear out
  • Consistent blended drinks every time
  • Dependable operation
  • Seals out moisture

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