Henny Penny Fryers

Since Henny Penny Fryers were first introduced commercially in 1957, they have built a reputation for designing and engineering the industry’s premier fryers.  Henny Penny Fryers come in a variety from pressure fryers to open fryers, like the oil-saving Evolution Elite® and Velocity Series™ with automatic filtration. Frying is at the core of what we do — and we’re proud to support the frying programs of the some of the largest global foodservice chains in the world. 

Behind that world-class support is world-class equipment. Our pressure and open fryers are built to help operators control costs, save time and serve the highest quality food.

Henny Penny Fryers are proudly available through TFG.  For more information on selecting the right Henny Penny model for your business, please contact TFG.

Open Fryers

Henny Penny Fryers Open Fryer from TFG ofe_320_series

Low Oil Volume Fryers

Henny Penny Fryers Evolution Eilte from TFG EE-Smart-Touch-700x522

Pressure Fryers

Henny Penny Fryer Pressure Fryer by TFG PFE-561-Pressure-Fryer

Velocity Fryers

Henny Penny Fryers Velocity Fryers from TFG oxe100

F5 Fryers

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