Flavor Burst puts flavor first
with 32 delicious frozen beverage syrups!

Flavor shakes, smoothies, slush, JavaLatte frozen coffees, frozen cocktails, and FCB product with these syrups! Each flavor is carefully formulated to provide clean, premium quality with maximum impact and high performance. The syrups are gluten-free and do not contain nut allergens. Each 1-gallon bag contains concentrated flavoring that requires no refrigeration and has a 16 month shelf life. Each gallon of Flavor Burst frozen beverage syrup can flavor up to 95 16-oz servings!

See the table below for additional technical specifications. Feel free to browse our current flavor line below, but take caution — we cannot be held responsible for any impulse cravings which may develop!

NOTE: These syrups are specially formulated to blend with…
(1) shake, slush, frozen cocktail, JavaLatte, or smoothie base product using the “BEV” Standard Beverage systems,
(2) frozen carbonated beverage base product using the “FCB” Frozen Carbonated Beverage systems.

NOTE: Only syrup part numbers ending in “SH” will blend well with shake, slush, smoothie, JavaLatte and FCB base product, as they are formulated to have the right concentration of flavor and color using the BEV and FCB systems.

NOTE: These syrups are NOT compatible with “SS” Soft Serve Stripe, “BLD” Soft Serve Flavor Blend, or “CBB” Premium Blended Beverage systems. Only the BEV and FCB systems have the fitments, pumps and blending assembly compatible with the Blend syrups and their bags.

Banana Ripple
The smooth flavor of banana is truly appealing.
part#: FLA 026SH

Black Cherry
Embrace the dark passion of plump, succulent cherries.
part#: FLA 003SH

Blue Goo
What is Blue Goo? We have no idea, but it’s delicious and fun!
part#: FLA 021SH

Blue Raspberry
Twist your lips around the tart and tangy splash of blue raspberries.
part#: FLA 043SH

Bask in the countryside flavor of rich bite-sized berries.
part#: FLA 038SH

Tickle your taste buds with the playful bubble gum flavor for all ages.
part#: FLA 006SH

Butter Pecan
Satisfy your appetite for the roasted flavor of caramel-coated nuts.
part#: FLA 010SEASH

Take your taste back in time with an old-fashioned family favorite of buttery candies.
part#: FLA 007SH

Treasure the golden buttery topping of melted caramels.
part#: FLA 044SH

Give into the velvety, smooth swirls of sumptuous cheesecake.
part#: FLA 028SH

Chocolate Swirl
Indulge in the decadence of rich premium chocolate.
part#: FLA 001SEASH

Classic Cherry
Simply enjoy the classic taste of bright, juicy maraschino cherries.
part#: FLA 040SH

Cool Lemon
Pucker up for the tart twist of sugared lemon and cream.
part#: FLA 019SH

Cool Mint
Chill out with the brisk breeze of icy mint.
part#: FLA 014SH

English Toffee
Savor the classic buttery, caramel flavor of England’s richest toffee.
part#: FLA 046SH

French Vanilla
Go back to the basics with the soft and sweet taste of classic vanilla.
part#: FLA 042SH

Green Apple
Enjoy the refreshing essence of cool, crisp harvest apples.
part#: FLA 009SH

Get a little nutty with this flavor.
part#: FLA 047SH

Enjoy the rich, freshly squeezed taste of zesty lime flavor.
part#: FLA 022SH

Tease your taste buds with the flirty flavor of the exotic tropics.
part#: FLA 041SH

Mocha Cappuccino
Unwind to the blend of premium roasted coffee with smooth chocolate accents.
part#: FLA 039SH

Peach Twist
Lighten up with a perky peach and creamy ice cream delight.
part#: FLA 005SH

Pina Colada
Kick back with the frozen tropical concoction of coconut and pineapple.
part#: FLA 008SH

Pistachio Nut
Crack into the crisp nut flavor of choice pistachios and cream.
part#: FLA 012SH

Pumpkin Pie / Chai
Enjoy the timeless taste of autumn spice – just don’t tell Grandma we stole her recipe!
part#: FLA 037SH

Purple Grape
Savor the rush of luscious, juicy taste in the vineyard’s finest flavor.
part#: FLA 023SH

Reward yourself with the tangy bite of sweet raspberries.
part#: FLA 004SH

Root Beer
Pass the time with a frosty ice cream float in a cone.
part#: FLA 016SH

Pick the fresh flavor of the season’s ripest berries.
part#: FLA 002SH

Tropical Orange
Drench your senses with an island squirt of luscious orange flavor.
part#: FLA 017SH

Wet your whistle with the lush, light flavor of down-home summer freshness.
part#: FLA 029SH

Power Burst™ Energy
Electrify your slush or FCB beverage with a bolt of energy flavor.
part#: FLA 100SH

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