The “Deluxe” JBT model is an eight-flavor system with a redesigned cabinet, remote electronics box, and an internal sanitizer tank. It is shorter and wider than the standard cabinet, 3 trays wide and 3 trays tall. One of those spaces houses a smaller 2-gallon sanitizer tank. The shorter height makes this model able to fit under most counters. This model also comes with an integrated door that lifts up and slides into the cabinet itself. The electronics box (seen on top of the unit) can be installed in various locations.

Model JBT 80FCB-2B-DLX 2-barrel system for C300 freezers
Model JBT 80FCB-3B-DLX 2-barrel system for C303 freezers
Model JBT 80FCB-4B-DLX 4-barrel system for C314 and C302 freezers

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