Henny Penny electric rotisserie model SCR 8 countertop with 8 spit capacity or SCR 16 stacked with 16 spit capacity. When stacked to form SCR 16 both SCR 8 cabinets must be configured alike.

Unit shall incorporate:
• THERMA-VEC® Even Heat Process combines cross flow convection heat with radiant heat
• Programmable cooking programs with programmable browning and texture settings
• Large LED displays for time and temperature
• Food probe and probe cooking capability
• Pass-through or solid back design
• Removable coated spits, rotor disks, drive tube, drip tray
• High-quality stainless steel and tempered glass
• Choice of handle and rotation switch for customer side and service side
• Choice of 8 angled or piercing spits, or baskets for each cabinet
• Choice of casters or leveling legs for single or bottom unit, or low profile casters for SCR 16

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