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Model HMR104


Deli operators are putting out top flight menus these days, including freshly cooked hot meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But if the food in your hot case doesn’t look its very best, no one will know how good it tastes. That’s where Henny Penny HMR modular heated merchandising system with THERMA-VEC comes in. Beautifully designed and brilliantly lit curved glass cases that heat evenly and never fog.

Available in 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7-well sizes. Choice of front glass profiles, full or self-serve. Two base styles and heights to choose from. It all adds up to more than 50 ways to configure your hot food case line, not to mention the endless ways you can dress them out with help from your Henny Penny distributor.


  • Exclusive THERMA-VEC even heat process gently circulates heat throughout the case, eliminating cold spots and fogged glass while keeping foods hot, fresh, and looking good
  • Upper radiant heat with independent controls and food probe temperature display for each well
  • Lower element heat and water pan heat controlled separately
  • Control settings can be locked to prevent accidental changes
  • Humidified operation features built-in low-water indication
  • Separate switches for power and lights
  • Brilliant halogen lamps for more attractive food presentation
  • High quality tempered glass front, sides and rear doors
  • Front glass lifts easily for cleaning and closes gently on gas springs (full serve glass on 6 and 7-well units in two sections)
  • Removable mirrored glass sliding rear doors
  • Fold-down wood or plastic cutting board
  • Units shipped with adjustable pan supports, food temperature probes and a water pan
  • Choice of depth for self-serve insert
  • Stainless steel construction for easy cleaning and long life
  • Merchandiser bases available in Pedestal or Profile styles in two heights, custom color panels and bumper colors available

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