About Henny Penny Merchandising

Thoughtful, strategic merchandising is a key element of any foodservice operation — but hot, fresh food is only as good as it looks to a paying customer. That’s why visibility and presentation are key. When done effectively, merchandising can generate impulse buys, provide customers with extra convenience when they’re in a hurry, and keep food at its best for as long as possible.

Henny Penny merchandising equipment is designed with those goals in mind, and every day, our products are helping operators waste less, earn more and keep customers coming back. With customizable styles and configurations available to suit a variety of applications, our merchandisers set the standard for versatility, efficiency and ease of use. And with food safety always top of mind, Henny Penny merchandisers can help maintain your HAACP program by guarding against inadequate holding temperatures.

HMR Heated Merchandisers

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