Henny Penny Holding Equipment

Food service operators know that one of their most valuable resources is time — and any solution that helps free up employees to manage peak periods is priceless in a busy kitchen. That’s the true benefit of having reliable holding equipment, like Henny Penny Holding Equipment, is that keeps food ready to serve until it’s needed, giving employees the ability to prepare food ahead of time in anticipation of the coming rush.

Henny Penny holding equipment supports to some of the world’s largest restaurant chains — and we’re proud to manufacture everything in-house, right down to the control panel. Our line of holding equipment gives operators the options they need and the quality they expect, whether it’s the precise control of the SmartHold® or the flexibility of our counter top models.


Henny Penny Holding Equipment Smarthold HHC-980-primary

Heated Holding

Henny Penny Holding Equipment Heated Hold HHC900

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