Henny Penny FlexFusion combi ovens combine different cooking methods into one piece of equipment with the flexibility to cook nearly everything on your menu to perfection.

Now, the FlexFusion Smoker combi lets you add authentic smoke flavors to anything you cook. The smoke box is located outside of the cabinet so food inside can be smoked at low temperatures. Smoke in a single step or as part of a multi-step cooking program. And with FlexiRack® you can smoke up to 70% more product in a single batch. Unit can be used immediately after WaveClean® with no transfer of flavor.

The FPE 115 combi smoker incorporates all the standard features of FlexFusion Platinum Series FlexiRack 10-pan combi ovens, including multi-sensor temperature probe and USB port (see FPE 115 data sheet for more information.)

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